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Number One Key to a Green, Organic, Weed-Free Lawn.

Posted by on 19 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: my life., thoughts on life.

This week I realized the secret of having a green organic lawn. By organic, I mean, no chemicals, no fertilizers, no weed killer. I found myself doing this key this week, and am finding it works! The key? Sit on the ground and pull out all the weeds. Happy weed-free lawn!

Eating Good-For-You Yogurt

Posted by on 24 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: my life., Uncategorized

POO-POO ALERT: In this blog, I tactfully address poo-poo. If you are offended at the mention of poo-poo, stop reading now, please. In our effort to reduce the amount of high fructose corn syrup in our diet (you’d be amazed at how many things have it as an ingredient), Emily and I tried some organic […]