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My One Complaint about My Mac

Posted by on 20 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: random., Tech Stuff.

I love my new iMac I’ve had as my work computer for about a month now. It, coupled with an upgrade to Adobe CS4, has really helped me increase my productivity.

I love its large screen.
I love its dock.
I love its common-sense intuitiveness instead of the Microsoft-way.
I love its speed.
I love its form.
I love its function.
I love the way it makes me feel when I look at it.
I love its simplicity.
I love its intricacies.
I love its flipping cool productivity tools.

But there is one thing I don’t like: Spaces doesn’t behave nicely with BIG 3rd Party software developers. And by BIG, I mean, Microsoft and Adobe. Neither Microsoft Office nor Adobe CS4 stay in their assigned spaces. When they go out of their spaces, it’s hard to get them back, too!

Adobe blames Apple. Apples blames Adobe.
Apple blames Microsoft. Microsoft blames Apple.

Long story short, no one claims responsibility to fix this crazy issue means I’ll likely not have a fix until either Snow Leopard (10.7), Microsoft Office 2014, or Adobe CS7.
Methinks Apple should (and will) fix this annoyance with the release of Snow Leopard in 2009. Better than 2014!

Poll: How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?

Posted by on 18 Oct 2008 | Tagged as: polls, random.

This weekend’s poll question is about water intake. The question asks, how much water should you drink every day?

How much water should you drink every day?

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Dream Vacation.

Posted by on 12 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: my life., random.

If you could take a trip vacation anywhere in the world, and cost is of no bearing, where would you choose?

Me? Probably tour the Italian countryside (as long as I’m with my wife!).

Obama to Palin: You are ‘still a pig’?

Posted by on 10 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: random.

Have you heard about what Barack Obama said yesterday? Here’s a little background. Last week at the Republican National Convention, Sarah Palin said this:

What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? (pause) Lipstick.

And then yesterday, Obama said this:

The other side, suddenly, they’re saying ‘we’re for change too’. Now think about it, these are the same folks that have been in charge for the last eight years. (pause)
You know, you can put lipstick on a pig. (audience roars in laughter.) It’s still a pig.

Do you think Obama was refering to Palin as a pig?
If so, doesn’t that make Obama the ‘male chauvinist’ pig himself?
Will this comment backfire on Obama? Has it already?

Prostitutes and Porn Stars

Posted by on 08 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: random.

I was reading an article in Citizen magazine (Emily Sanders), and I had a question: What’s the difference between a prostitute and a porn star?

If it’s it’s illegal to prostitute your body, shouldn’t it be illegal to prostitute your body while being filmed? I don’t get it. Can anyone enlighten me?

Governor Daniels has Massive Lead in Latest Poll

Posted by on 05 Sep 2008 | Tagged as: random.

The latest Howey-Guage poll shows Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels with a commanding lead over his challenger.
Interestingly, My Man Mitch received the nod from 24% of democrat voters polled.

Festering Blister on My Big Toe

Posted by on 22 Aug 2008 | Tagged as: my life., random.

[NOTE–No photographs are provided to spare you the gory image]

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I have been running a lot recently in preparation for a the Fort Wayne certified half marathon the end of September.
About a month ago I bought a new pair of shoes.

Then I went camping and I think broke (or at least sprained or bruised) a metatarsal (bone on the top of my foot).
About a week after this, I had a nagging arch pain, and I feared I was developing fallen arches, so I put arch supports in my new shoes (I probably mis-identified the broken metatarsal pain as falling arches, but I never put two-and-two together until now…)

In the past two weeks, I’ve been running five times a week, and five times a week I have a blister on my big toe.
It hurts!

So tonight is one of my days off, so I’ll let it heal, and then I am taking out the arch supports for Saturday’s 10-miler.

We’ll see how my big toe does.

It’s just a big pain in my BIG TOE.

The AP Olympics

Posted by on 20 Aug 2008 | Tagged as: random.

So I’ve been watching the Olympics. Just about every day.
I really enjoyed the first week or so, Michael Phelps style.

But now, the AP Olympics just don’t compare.
AP=After Phelps

What do you think?

How Green Can Indiana Get?

Posted by on 06 Aug 2008 | Tagged as: random., thoughts on life.

Article from the Sound Bend Tribune: How green can Indiana get?

Our New Pet Dog

Posted by on 05 Aug 2008 | Tagged as: my life., random.

This week, Emily and I adopted a new pet dog, Fido.

We got it from Emily’s brother Joel.

At first, Emily loved the dog, but she’s since become a little freaked out by the way the dog seems to stare at her while she’s dressing. She says Fiedo gives her the ‘heebie jeebies’.

Anyway, here’s a photo of our new puppy dog!

Our New Dog

Poll of the Week: The Chicago Cubs

Posted by on 30 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: my life., polls, random.

This week’s poll question is about the Chicago Cubs…

How far will the Chicago Cubs go this year?

  • I don't flipping care, man. (54%, 7 Votes)
  • Win the World Series, baby! Go Cubbies! (23%, 3 Votes)
  • Lose early in the playoffs. (15%, 2 Votes)
  • Win the National League pennant, but lose the World Series (8%, 1 Votes)
  • They will fail to make the playoffs. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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