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Boy, it’s been 14 years that I’ve been working at New Hope. None of that changes–I’m still working at New Hope, but my role is a’changin.

This week, I’m transitioning to a part-time role at New Hope. I’ll still be doing the communications and IT end of things.

But the life change coming is that at the same time, I’ll also be starting part-time work at Utopian Coffee Company as a Web Developer. Utopian Coffee is a great company located in downtown Fort Wayne, right between Perfection Bakery and Randall Lofts, just west of Columbia Street West and a block north of the new Ash Brokerage development.

Utopian Coffee Co.At Utopian, I’m surrounded by like-minded people who care just as much about the quality of the coffee we drink as ensuring we deliver a sustainable coffee bean, meaning we carefully source our beans to ensure the lives of the farmers and workers is fair. We have several direct trade relationships with farmers–we import the beans directly from the farmer without a middle-man wholesaler. This allows us to pay an additional premium to the beans because there is no middleman marking up their price.

Coffee Drying BedsAs much as we love roasting coffee, we love drinking the goodness of a properly roasted and properly prepared cup of coffee, too. Fresh coffee is key to enjoyment, and that’s why we actually don’t roast beans until after they’ve been ordered. Yeah, that means the beans we ship you haven’t been sitting in a warehouse for weeks losing freshness.

Whether you have a keen appreciation for extremely high quality, fresh roasted craft coffee, or you’re just figuring out the world of coffee, I want to invite you to join Utopian. I created a coupon code to allow you to save 20% off your first shipment of coffee when you join our membership. It’s really sweet–we do all the work, and you just get a shipment of fresh roasted gourmet coffee every month! The coupon code to save 20% is: save20now. Head over to to check out my new adventure!

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