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Raegan at 5 Weeks

Posted by on 02 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Adoption, my life.

I weighed Raegan yesterday after her bath and she is now 7 1/2 pounds! We see many changes as the days go by. She is much more alert. During her awake time she kicks and moves her arms all over the place. She loves listening to us talk and especially loves listening to music. This morning she was rocking out to Uncle Josh Doyle. She no longer stares past us, but will stare right at us. It’s precious!

Raegan was finally able to meet the rest of her aunts, uncles and cousins this weekend at a shower held in her honor. She pretty much slept through the entire party, but she enjoyed being passed around and held by everyone…she loves to be held. We have to be careful how much we hold her because she always falls asleep while being held.

We started using cloth diapers yesterday. Raegan now has enough fat on her little legs that the plastic pants finally fit. The diaper sure makes her little bottom look huge, though. It’s pretty cute. We decided to do cloth diapers because it saves so much money, but since we’ve been using disposable diapers the last five weeks, we’ve realized how much trash we now generate, so it’s also good to know we won’t be filling up those landfills with diapers for the next several years.

Here are some pictures from her shower. Aunt Amanda was nice enough to take some cute posed shots too.

Raegan in her cloth diaper