Dominican Republic: Friday

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This morning we all went to work on the new El Calvario Ministerios office in downtown. This was my first trip to the offices, as I’ve been working on computers several mornings this week. So today I finally got to meet Jennifer, a Dominican who speaks very good English and will teach some classes out of the new offices. We worked until about 3 p.m. this afternoon.
After lunch (at 3 p.m.), I met with Dr Allyn about their web site, and I made a list of things for me to work on the site tomorrow morning.

I also had a few moments to jump into the pool. The locals all thought we were nuts for wanting to swim in the middle of winter, but when your winter consists of 75 degrees and sunny, the swim was awesome. Keith and I sat by the pool basking in the sunlight for a little while, too.

Tonight we went to the Missions conference held at an AG church downtown. This was hands down the largest church I’d been in, and it could seat probably 500 if it was packed out.
We heard from a Dominican missionary who will be leaving soon for India.
It was a great meeting.
After the conference, Keith and I had a few moments to say goodbye and pray with our new friends Miranda, Serria and Jennifer. Miranda and Serria are from Africa, and both speak English with a strong South African accent.

I am very encouraged by the quality of young leaders in the Domican churches. My friend Javier is such a joyous Christian. These people are so genuine in their faith. They have all garnered such a special place in my heart.

After the conference we went to a corner chicken barbeque place, and that was some very tasty chicken!

Tomorrow we will depart, and get into Chicago in the late night, and we will have a 12-hour layover before wecan catch a connecting flight back to Fort Wayne.

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