Dominican Republic: Monday

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This morning we had ham sandwich for breakfast. I also had some canalope, orange juice and coffee. Coffee is always plentiful here, and for that I am very happy.
I spent the morning workin on a couple of laptop computers. One of the computers I replaced the hard disk drive, CD/DVD drive and upgraded the ram. It took some time to get it back upgraded with service packs and ready to go, but that one should be much better at this point.
The other computer I upgraded ram and then defragged, but it still has some issues I haven’t looked in depth at this point. The modem does not work, and the CD/DVD drive just doesn’t read any disc.

Today for lunch, we ate about 2:30, and by that time I was pretty hungry! We had the traditional Dominican meal, rice, beans and chicken. I am really digging the food here, it is all very tasty. For dessert I had a very tasty piece of brownie. This was no ordinary brownie, mind you.
After lunch we did some final prep for C to teach at the Bible Institute this evening.
I accompanied C and Dr Allyn to the Bible Institute tonight, while Keith and Darlene went to the new office building and did some work there. The Bible Institute proved to be very beneficial and the students asked a lot of really good questions.
There was talk of some taking a short-term missions trip to the Province in Indonesia.

We all arrived back home about 10 pm and had a small meal with tuna, cresent roles, chips and pineapple. The pineapple here is delicious and is much better than what I’m used to back in the states.
At dinner Eileen entertained us with some hilarious stories about her battles with rats and also the story of when she accidentially baked a very old dog. I’m still chuckeling about that one even as I type this.

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  1. on 17 Feb 2009 at 1:54 am 1.marvin said …

    Good to hear everything’s working out great in there. I miss doing mission trips..

    God bless on the rest of your stay in there.

  2. on 17 Feb 2009 at 12:34 pm 2.Anita said …

    So good to hear more details of the trip. I had a bad experience with ‘rats’ when I was there too, as I plugged the holes in the room we had with my dirty underware. When we left, I pulled my closes to find them all chewed and holes in them! I think Eileen keeps cats around to help with the problem.

    I understand the place you are at is much nicer! So glad. The room I saw in the pictures I think is where we were for teaching when we were there! If you meet Rosita, or Hector and Fatima, tell them ‘hi’ from us. They were pastors or wives when we were there that I remember well.

    Take care!!!!
    How’s the allergies?

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