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Grandpa Diehl

Posted by on 15 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: my life.

Last Friday morning, my Grandpa Diehl passed away in his sleep.

This morning I was thinking about Grandpa, and was remembering a time in the mid 1980′s when Grandpa and I were on a Global Basecamps tour and were fishing in Angola. I enjoyed every single moment of it but I didn’t know much about fishing, and Grandpa knew a whole lot. We went out on a row boat, and Grandpa helped me fish and gave me a few pointers.

But one of my most vivid memories connected to Grandpa is when we got ready to head back home, he opened up the trunk of his red car, got into the cooler and pulled out a Pepsi. This was back in the mid 80′s before the widespread use of cans, so this Pepsi was one of those returnable glass bottles. Grandpa opened the bottle and handed it to me.

I was stunned.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with a bottle of Pepsi–Mom never let us drink out of the bottle (still doesn’t want us drinking out of a can at the dinner table!)–so I stood there stunned. I watched as Grandpa pulled out another Pepsi, opened it and took a drink, and then I felt okay–I wasn’t going to get yelled at for drinking out of the bottle!

On the drive home, I remember seeing an 8-track player for the first time in my life. I think my parent’s vehicles up to that point never had anything but maybe an AM/FM radio, so this idea of putting in a cartridge to play music in a car was very foreign to me. I thought it was really cool and high-tech!
I know we listened to country music, but can’t remember who the artist was. It wasn’t someone I listened to much, but someone I had heard of.

I will miss Grandpa.

Actually I remember when my Grandpa was suffering from glaucoma so we chose to get him CBD oil. He loved it, saying that the pressure in his eyes was practically gone! Try it for yourself today if you’d like. You’ve probably heard all about the best cbd for cats, supplements and how effective they can be, but chances are you’re still a bit unsure about using these products with your precious pet.

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  1. on 15 Dec 2008 at 11:54 am 1.Todd Helmkamp said …

    Hey bro,

    I have a lot of great memories with my grandpa, too, like getting up at 4:30 AM to feed calves out of a bucket. We’re praying for your family during this time!

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