Curse of a Cofee Lover, Part 2

Posted by on 29 May 2008 | Tagged as: coffee

So we’ve already established the fact that I like to drink coffee. Let me rephrase that–I like to drink good coffee.

But as my coffee palette continues to refine, some of the little things I didn’t notice before are now a curse. Such as a travel mug.

We have several travel mugs–one of those plastic mugs with a lid so the coffee won’t spill. But here’s the curse–coffee tastes different to me now when I drink it out of a plastic mug.
Yes, I can taste a difference between coffee in a plastic mug and coffee in a ceramic, steel or glass mug.
And of course, all our travel mugs are plastic, so I taste sub-par coffee every morning, even though we only brew good beans.

Ahh…the curse of coffee.

2 Responses to “Curse of a Cofee Lover, Part 2”

  1. on 03 Jun 2008 at 6:30 pm 1.Joy said …

    I too am a coffee snob and I feel your pain. We served Starbucks at Aaron’s graduation party, even though I knew it would be cheaper to just buy Folgers. I could not do it. I could not serve swill to my unsuspecting guests. It just would not be right.
    Goodluck in your search for the perfect travel mug. I have gone through many. For awhile I bought the paper cups with lids (like the coffee shops use.) I finally quit work and drink all my coffee at home now. Hope it doesn’t get that bad for you.

  2. on 18 Feb 2009 at 10:56 pm 2.June said …

    Actually, it was Alfred Peet who brought “real” coffee to America. He opened a shop in Berkeley, CA and kept it small–only about five shops altogether. I met him in person when he lived next to my daughter. It is still the best coffee even though he sold the business, and now there are many more shops across the country. He also trained Starbuck’s founders and supplied them with its coffee blends when it first opened in 1971. Check him out on Google. He is often called the grandfather of specialty coffee. He passed away a couple of years ago.

    Also, there are many, many stainless steel coffee thermos travel cups. You can find them in Peet’s, Starbucks, grocery stores and other places.

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