The Curse of a Coffee Lover

Posted by on 16 May 2008 | Tagged as: coffee, my life.

I have become what others would probably refer to as a coffee snob. It’s not because I want to be, it just sort of happened.
As my coffee palette was just beginning to develop, I couldn’t tell the difference between between different types of beans, roasts and freshness.
But as time went on, I grew to taste the difference between a good cup of premium coffee and a not-so-premium. Today, I can sip a cup of coffee and identify it as Folgers, Maxwell House, Eight O’clock or Starbucks. (I don’t have experience with other brands, and I would have a hard time being accurate with other brands.)

In years past, I used to be able to enjoy just any cup of coffee. Now, it’s actually rather difficult to thoroughly enjoy any cup of coffee. Because I have experienced what a great cup of coffee is supposed to taste like, anything less is a great disappointment. It is hard work and expensive to get a good cup of coffee consistently.

In our walk with Christ, I think the same in very true. We can’t consistently attain a close walk with Christ while we are not hard at work to be close.
What do you think?

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