What Does a Mature Local Church Look Like?

Posted by on 25 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: churches on the ball., thoughts on church

This is an interesting question, isn’t it? What does a mature local church look like?

Is a mature church full of senior citizens?

Is a mature church full of mature Christians?

My first thought was, just that–a mature church was full of all mature Christians, but then I thought about that, and if the local church is all mature Christians, they’ve turned into self-seeking Christians (“It’s all about ME“), which hardly qualifies as a mature Christian, right?

So the question remains, what does a mature local church look like?

Mark Beeson offered this answer to the question:

The ‘mature church’ is the church filled with immaturity.

Maturity desires reproduction.
Maturity tolerates juvenile behavior (from juveniles) while training its progeny for success in life.
Maturity means “little poults running all over the place.”
If you attend a mature church, be prepared for immaturity.

What do you think about Beeson’s answer?
How would you define what a mature local church looks like? Kinda a tough question, isn’t it? What are your thoughts?

2 Responses to “What Does a Mature Local Church Look Like?”

  1. on 25 Mar 2008 at 10:49 am 1.Penny said …

    This makes total sense to me. I relate the ‘mature church’ growing young minds in the word, to a mature parent, raising kids. What do I see in a muture parent? I see a mature leader. That leader wants to grow and learn more about their job, because I tell you, you continue to learn more with each child. The mature leader learns to tolerate immaturity, it’s something you have to deal with before the finish product pops out at around 19 or 20. Or, actually…are we ever finished maturing…no, I think not.
    Little pouts….definitely!
    So a local church is just another form of a leader that needs to be mature in order to form maturity from it’s members. And, a mature church’s work should never be done….like you said….always seeking more immature members to form.

  2. on 31 Mar 2008 at 10:46 am 2.Mike Ash said …

    i agree…I think that in the Christian community, there are a bunch of mis-conceptions with phrases like: Deep, Mature, and Seeker Sensitive – as it relates to churches right now. A re-definition needs to happen.

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