Howard Schultz Back in as Starbuck’s CEO, McDonalds Lauches Espresso Bars

Posted by on 08 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: coffee, random.

Howard Schultz, who was the brains behind the growth of Starbucks, was CEO at Starbucks from 1987 to 2000, returns to the helm of the company he helped create, after a turbulent year. Starbucks is now considering closing stores, and slowing down their rate of growth.
Schultz is an incredible businessman, and I’ve admired Starbuck’s business pattern mostly because of Schultz’s decisions. He did some really smart, risky things in the 80’s and early 90’s to bring the company to what it is today, and I like the guy…

In other news, McDonalds has announced plans to open up espresso bars in its existing restaurants, including a front-of-house espresso machine…

Read more at Yahoo Biz.

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