Waterloo Town Council Debate Recap

Posted by on 02 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: my life., Town Council

Last night was the Waterloo Town Council Debate.

There are five candidates running, and four showed up. The fifth sent a letter which was read by moderator Ken Surber.

I think I did well at the debate. I think I answered each question directly and without beating around the bush. There were a few questions which I was not familiar with the subject, but think I provided insight into the logic I would use to come to a conclusion. (One such question I answered something like, ‘I would want to know our current expenditures, and how much this would save, and find out when we would recoup our investment.’)

I believe I came across as ‘on the ball,’ and I think people appreciated my directness and positive outlook. I didn’t come in with a strict agenda, but instead, I come in with a ‘I want to learn and help the town’ attitude. I do not have all the answers–but I do want to find them.

I am looking forward to helping the town. I am encouraged by the direction of the Town of Waterloo, and look forward to located effective ways to lower the operating overhead of the town departments, enabling us to get our rising utility rates under control. In this year alone, the current board has cut $40,000 from it’s operating costs by better management. I suggest this trend can and will continue.
I’m looking forward to being a part of this.

Vote Diehl on November 6!

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