R3: Republican Rally Recap

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Last night was the DeKalb Country Republican Rally, and it was my first time at such an event.
It was good to network with people, and I reconnected with several people I hadn’t seen or talked to in quite a while, including,
Marilyn Gearhart (Auburn City Council), my 11th grade math teacher, (if I remember my grades correctly!). She was caring and genuine, and actually asked me, ‘So did you end up doing anything with the math I taught you?’ I thought that was a great question, and made me really admire her. She was happy to hear I got a math minor in college. :)
I got to eat supper with Auburn City Councilmen Rick Ring (who is retiring off this year) and David Painter. It was good conversation and I enjoyed hearing stories from them about their City Council meetings.
I also met Greg Kenner (Auburn City Council), the father of my DeKalb classmates Jeremy and Garrison, and got to get updates on how they were doing now.
In the crowd of people, I got a chance to talk with former Eastside math teacher and DeKalb County auditor John Fetters–who is an incredible man. If you ever get a chance to meet John, please do!
I spoke briefly to Jim McCanna, whose three oldest kids I ran with in school. I saw several teachers from DeKalb, although most didn’t recognize me…
There were several State Senators in attendance, including Senate Pro Tempore David Long, Dennis Kruse and Bob Meeks. State Representatives included Phyllis Pond, Dick Dodge and Marlin Stutzman.
Pro Tempore David Long gave a keynote address which highlighted the progress Indiana has made over the last three years. Bold changes which were made for the best of the state and without regard to political correctness. Did you know that the other 49 states universally think the leasing of the toll road was a very wise decision? There is only debate in Indiana. Did you know that recently, Indiana was rated the 11th most business-friendly state? (after being in the bottom 10 for years). It was good stuff to hear. I can see why David Long was elected Pro Tempore. It would not surprise me if he were to run for US Representative or Senate sometime in the future.
I actually was able to introduce myself and give a brief talk. I was given 60 seconds, so I couldn’t say much. After introducing myself, I also noted this was my first time running for public office, and I told the story, ‘When I was six years old, I remember standing in front of the TV watching the Regan-Mondale election returns from the 1984 presidential election. I was engrossed by what was happening on TV, and as Regan won in a landslide, I decided then and there I wanted to be a winner–a Republican. Thank you.’

It was good. I enjoyed my time with friends and colleagues. It will happen again soon!

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  1. on 26 Oct 2007 at 9:45 am 1.Tara Lilly said …

    Wish I could have gone last night, I haven’t missed a DeKalb County Repub candidates night in years-but the kids had a Halloween party I had promised them, so that won out! :)

    I always got the biggest rush from speaking at events like that, did you feel that? Was it a thrill for you to come up with what you were going to say and then deliver it? That is one of my favorite things about politics, that chance to get your ideas out for people to talk about. I know it wasn’t long that you were up there, but all experience with that is good practice. One of my other top favorite aspects of political life is the networking. You know you are with other people that enjoy it and there is a real sense of community among other office holders (or potential!). Glad to see you took the time to visit with those people (recognize a lot of names there, lots of great guys!) because believe it or not many new candidates don’t take that seriously and it reflects very badly. If your race comes up those people will talk about you positively and that helps. Years ago I worked at the Statehouse, in the Senate, with Long and Meeks and they are some of the most honest, hard-working guys in Indy. Nice to have someone “local” for me to identify with now! I thing you will do great, wish we could vote for you! Good luck as the election draws near! PS The pres. election of 1984 was also when I decided I was a Republican and politics/government was important to me, I just loved Reagan!

  2. on 26 Oct 2007 at 9:56 am 2.Tara Lilly said …

    I forgot to AMEN what was said in Long’s address about the progress in Indiana since 2004. Real research into the changes that have been made will show that Indiana is coming out of the dark ages finally in some areas and the only negatives are the people grumbling about the short-term effects on them personally, rather than being able to look at the long-term progress for our state and all of us. It’s not easy to go against the tide but when it needs to be done, Daniels has done it. Mike and I have said for years that if someone would just come in and run the state more like a business, Indiana could get out of the “bottom 10″ of everything, and it’s happening! We need to continue to support our Governor and give him a chance to continue the progress that is being made. If you listen to the other side you know that if they win next time, they intend to overturn/stop the best, most productive and smartest policies that have ever come out of this state. We can continue to be a leader in the country and not “fly-over country”.

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