Clifty Falls and Madison, Ind. Vacation Review, Part 4

Posted by on 14 May 2007 | Tagged as: my life.

On our way back home to Indiana, Emily and I drove past a most interesting courthouse in Greensburg, Indiana.
Although the architecture in Madison was really great to look at, consisting of various styles from Federal to Greek Revival, this courthouse is, i suppose, of the hillbilly period. Click the image for a better view, if you’re having a hard time figuring out what i’m referring to…

Further on down the road in Anderson, Indiana, Emily and I decided to stop by Rax Roast Beef, which I learned about following a previous post, when Perry (the owner) mentioned he was still operating a Rax Roast Beef restaurant in Anderson.
Rax Roast Beef
I was very surprised how many things brought back memories–the separate menu board out by the waiting area corral. The drinking fountain by the condiments. the raised seating area. the location of the trash receptacle. It was all very fun to sit and soak in the memories. The raised seating area was only two steps up–i thought i remember it being much higher–like, five or six steps up–but i suppose to a kid it would seem much higher. Emily and I did eat our lunch sitting in the raised area. :) i was like a kid in a candy store!
As we were waiting, i saw a photo of Perry, and so was looking for him. I saw him once, he came toward the front to make some fries, i think, but then quickly disappeared. I thought about asking for him so i could speak with him briefly, but it was about 12:15 and they were getting hammered. Perhaps another time…

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