is coffee my drug addiction?

Posted by on 30 Jan 2007 | Tagged as: coffee, my life., thoughts on life.

About a week ago, my great friend Todd said something to me that has made me think, and rethink, my coffee habits.

Am i using coffee as a drug? Is coffee my drug addition? Am i a drug addict?

I have been asking this question over and over in my mind. would i be okay if i didn’t have coffee in the morning? why do i drink coffee? these and other questions i have mulled over and over in my mind.

My wife and i went to the new Starbucks in Auburn Friday night, (because BrewDaily’s closes at 6 p.m.), and i had my usual: ‘grande extra hot two-pump caramel latte’, and sat for a while, talking–one of Emily’s childhood friends, Justin, works there and we talked with him for about 15 minutes after he got off work. (cool guy with a really cool computer and editing software (Final Cut HD)!)

Anyway, after i finished that drink, i got a short (8 oz.) coffee, of variety Yukon. I figured that would keep me up for a while. So after our date, Emily and i went home, and i crashed. i mean, literally, i crashed. i couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Last night, we swung by Starbucks about 8 p.m., and i had a tall americano (1 shot espresso plus hot water, making a very good tasting coffee!) I again crashed. i couldn’t keep my eyes open.

So, I still am not positive about the answer to the question, ‘am i drinking coffee as a drug?’, but i can tell you, it puts me to sleep at night!

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  1. on 31 Jan 2007 at 9:10 am 1.Todd said …

    Try to go all day without any. If your head pounds around 11 am, you are addicted.

    I know from experience. 🙁

    I am gradually weaning myself off of the caffeine. It’s gotten a lot better since I’ve cut out Mt. Dew.

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